Once we become interested in something, we become OBSESSED. We begin to study relentlessly (mostly subconcious). The subject becomes very much a part of our lives. It finds itself in the way we think, our slang, our dress, and how we maneuver thru the world. It is obsession that has led us to start this brand.

So if you've been following the brand then you know that our interest in the Samurai is nothing short of MANIC. One of the most fascinating parts of Samurai life is the practice of ritual suicide known as seppuku. Even more interesting than a Samurai taking his own life in such an agonizing way, in the face of "defeat" to preserve their honor, is that they would often write one LAST POEM before the act, known as The Death Poem. It is this glimpse into the seconds before death that we take steps into understanding life and the transformation of death. Their serenity, steadfastness, discipline, and dedication to their craft/purpose shown in these poems is very inspiring for us.