What's the deal with the name EPIC STOKE?

BRIAN: I came up with the name three years ago when I was making grip specifically for Dojo Shredboards. I saw a picture of Brian Anderson looking super hyped and the caption said "Epic Stoke" and I wanted to be hyped too.

CHANCE: I don't fucking know... it is what it is.

What strokes your stoke?

BRIAN: Lately Eliot Ross, Jelly and I have been super into the mobile skatepark game. Eliot and Jelly are exceptional woodworkers and the keep making "spot enhancers" and fun bxes and drop spot wallies that we can throw in the car

CHANCE: The choke stroke.

What's your deal with Marilyn Monroe?

BRIAN: I think we made it clear we didn't wanna answer any love life questions. No comment.

CHANCE: Who's that?

What's with the really random tattoos?

BRIAN: The way I see it is, if it's funny right now it'll be funny in 20 years. Jelly Beans house of strange is the place to be if you want a permanent inside joke. Dont get me wrong I love all my tattoos and some mean more than others but they all carry a good memory.

CHANCE: A lot of drunken practice.. everything sounds good with a 30 pack in you.

How small of a company are you guys?

BRIAN: Too small, we have two worthless CEO's Ross Aronie and Eliot Lighter and they pretty much dont do shit at the branch level and we have a script guy Chance "Jelly Bean" Hirsch and he's usually too drunk to avoid misspellings. Lastly we have myself who didnt't do anything the right way and I'm most likely losing money on every batch of grip, so every time you buy Epic Stoke i'm chipping in a buck o' five just for you.

CHANCE: Smaller than my last girlfriends tits... eat shit babe.

Which one of you is Ben Rayborn?

BRIAN: Ross, no Jelly Bean. Yeah it's Chance.


How can we get some grip yo?

BRIAN: You can bear with me and hold tight till we can get our money up and get it back in the only shop that's worth the hassle, Humidity down there at 515 Dumaine, but you already knew that. We're also always open to suggestions, got an idea for some grip you think people wanna see? Let the homies hear it!

CHANCE: If you provide the grip and paint the we'll talk.