Little is known of Ezekiel Robinson aka Mr. Blue Black. It's hard to distinguish what's fact and what's fiction, the most of what we have to go off of are very fantastical stories of a man as mysterious as the night sky itself. As I've talked to some of his closest friends we came across stories that I may otherwise write off as fairy tale but they are told in a manner that I feel guilty not believing them.

The earliest account of Mr. Blue Black finds him at the Kevlar plantation in Mt. Olive Mississippi somewhere in the late 1700's where it's said that he developed a tune that he could hum and confuse "slave catchers" and their dogs long enough for groups of runaway slaves to make it to safety . He would spend countless hours after the "work" was done teaching the women to hum in this particular tune. He was quoted saying "there's a heap of magic the woman's belly all you's gotta do is humm it out". Even then Mr. Black was sort of a mystery he had no family and never spoke of where he came from. When someone would catch his attention long enough to ask its said he would look deep in their eyes and say "the question is... where I ain't been".