So you have an idea for a clothing line brand company or whatever, you have your first t shirt in hand and you think "how do i get everyone to see this." One of the first things that come to mind is to get a popular person to wear it then boom it blows up. Sounds like a pretty solid plan. Why wouldn't it work, we see it happen all the time.

Currency in our first beanie

The first obstacle is getting your t shirt in their hands. Lets face it everyone has the same plan as you and making them think yours is ill or different becomes an issue. But lets say you break that barrier. They see your shit and they love it. Not only do they love it but they actually wear it. Now what do you do?.. Sit back and wait for the orders to come in and retailers to hit you up because they need your product in their store. Well this can happen but here is what happens the majority of the time and what happened to us.

Kevin Gates in the "Modern Mythology" camo 5 panel

Around 2010-2011 we started to see a few rappers wearing our shit. Either we gave it to them personally or they copped in a store. We found ourselves sitting on photos and videos of some pretty popular rappers wearing TALL TALE but we had no idea what to do with them. People were just starting to figure out social media, blogs were very picky on what they'd post and we were still very new. We had no history. So we went very much unnoticed.For a while i couldn't figure out why nothing happened. We did what we were supposed to do right?.. rappers were wearing our shit.

Fast forward a few years here we are posting our favorite Dragon Ball collabs posting dumb doodles and releasing small runs of t shirts whenever we feel inspired. I think its safe to say we still don't know what we're doing but still doing something and having a bunch of fun in the process.