Feel how you want about Kodak Black but dude definitely puts himself in his music. A really good example is his new "When Vultures Cry" song. Been playing it pretty heavy the past few days and the other morning after listening for the thousandth time I felt a really strong urge to play DMX's "Let Me Fly". Then I was like damn they're pretty much the same dude. So instead of me going out and saying that Kodak is the new DMX imma hit you with this Dragon Ball Super comparison (if you're not fucking with Dragon Ball Super feel free to go back to Instagram). It's like having 2 Gods of destruction in the same universe as the result of some crazy Mandela effect or something. Shits just not supposed to happen. Let's look at this for a second they were both career jackers, constantly in and out of trouble with the laws and both blessed with an undeniable ability to put their pain and struggle into their music. And that's just the tip. Now go listen to some old Kodak and then back that up with some DMX "It's Dark and Hell is Hot" album. We're pretty lucky to have them both at the same time. Cherish your flowers while you can still smell them.

KODAK BLACK "When Vultures Cry" HERE

DMX "Let Me Fly" HERE

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