The Yangísobek (tiger/crocodile spirit) is considered the most dangerous and powerful creature of the ancient Mediterranean. Believed by most scholars to be a myth explaining the Etruscians of modern day Greece’s relationship with hallucinogens. Until astronomer David Johnson discovered a hidden pyramid in the Eggdrasil forest. In this pyramid, they found alters and pictographs describing the mystical creature and its power to give a human the ability to have an outer body experience at will and walk between realms.  

The glyphs found in Eggdrasil pyramid tell the story of a young Nagahn priest whose village had fallen under a plague. Desperate to help his people, the young priest went to the Eggdrasil forest in search of the Yangisobek against his elders warning bc the beasts were known to eat the young eager priests. The young priest finds the Yangisobek and before he could say a word the Yangisobek tells him that it was time for his slumber and that he will decide if he would help the young priest  when he awakens. The young priest sat next to the Yangisobek and fell into a deep meditation. 7 seasons past and the Yangisobek awakens and sees that the young priest has not left his side or even moved during the entire slumber. The Yangisobek is awed by the young priest’s love and determination for his people and gives him the gift of “The Outer Body Experience”. The young priest thanks the Yangisobek and rushes to his village to save his people.

More recent accounts of the Yangisobek appear in a 1934 article published by the Pietre Museum of Pennsylvania sites proof that a group of explorers from the Ellas empire found the fabled Eggdrasil forest and established contact with the Etruscians who lived in the region. They told them about the Yangisobeks and the Ellas  began hunting the Yangisobek for their beautiful protective fur and drove them to extinction. 

Model: @buschgang

Photo: @timblackphoto

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