This Drink Champs show is amazing and anytime there is an artist on there who was active around early 2000's it's always good. This particular part of the convo Timbaland kinda exposes how much of an ARTIST and thinker he is. Nore asks Timbo what the record was that he knew "this is it". He couldn't directly answer instead he explains how music now is about colors and that it used to be about feel. And how he feels he's just been born into a new life that he's experimenting with and evolving meshing the colors with the feel. This blew me away. It showed me how wide someones perspective can really be. To hear probably one of the greatest music producers of all time talk about still learning and evolving his craft is super inspiring. Hearing this I felt like my realm of possibilities just expanded 100xs.

In case you forgot about TIMBO


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