It's hard to imagine a time where nappy hair was not acceptable by damn near anyone black or white. You were considered weird and I've even heard multiple times that I was trying to be a "white boy" for letting your hair be nappy. Which confused the shit out of me. I never understood how nappy black hair could pass as being white? To be honest I never knew our hair could look so cool until I saw black skateboarders. I remember there was a Clyde Singleton photo in a 2002 Transworld Magazine where he was doing a street plant. Nothing crazy right but I loved the photo not because of the trick but his hair! It was wild, free and completely him and he looked so happy. I had to have been in the 6th grade and I would carry that photo around with me like a badge, ready for anyone to say "black people don't wear their hair like that.. black folk don't skate". If they did i'd hurry and pull that magazine out of my booksack and begin to explain "look this is Clyde he's a professional and look at him". I'd then flip a couple pages and show them a photo of Stevie Williams and his braids then i'd flip a few more pages and show them a photo of Brandon Turner then after that i'd show them Gershon Moseley. Before I saw them unapologetically doing their thing I thought i was the weird that they called me. These people and their decision to do what they wanted to regardless of the norms gave me the courage to do the same. Thank y'all... much love!




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