"Reflection Eternal": PHLEGM

Somewhere, far in the past, deep in the beginings of time there's some old energies trying to get to know itself thru pictures. Sending us selfies to let us know how ill they were. But that connection is growing weaker and maybe even dying out. Phlegm's work feels like he's tapped into a power source or frequency and giving us a look at some never before seen entities, little snapshots of what they looked like. His portraits grab you behind the ears and pull you deep into whatever world he decides to send you to.

PHLEGM "Just a Look 77"

After being introduced to his work thru @chipo about 2 years ago, it wasn't long before I thought to myself "mayne it'd be tight to see what he'd do with one of my lil portrait paintings." What resonated with me the most was that his work felt like they were coming from somewhere/place for a reason. There was an obvious purpose to his work but not the kind of purpose that comes with someone desperately seeking to find themselves or even seeking the meaning of life or sumn. But the kind of purpose that comes with trust. The trust that there is something outside/inside of ourselves that's so simple and beautiful that it connects us to everything past,present and future.

Ok so that's how his work made me feel. But then a lil while later I saw an interview with The Joan Mithcell Center and hearing him explain his work i knew he was the real deal lol(peep here). Or at least the things he was saying really resonted with me. It was like the opposite type of moment when you find out your favorite athlete isn't who you thought they were.

So fast forward to a few days ago I open instagram to this!


Ryan took one of my more recent paintings "The Miracle" and translated it into his language! They came out amazing. It felt good that he thought my work was worth digesting and making it his own.

Pretty trippy to see one of these lil funny headed self portraits(may get into this later) that i've been painting the past 4 years in fully alive! Turns out they're a lil spookier than I thought! lol