The Earth was grounding

But it's hold wasn't meant for His wings

The Sky was beautiful but only worked half the time

Lightspeed was fast but compared to His thoughts were pretty slow

and fixed on a point

To break free of the forces he knew he had to be clever

He had to do something that's never been done before

Much like us the Forces have limits

So he told the Earth that if it schooled him on the secrets of it's grip

it would fly and lift the Sky's over-protective blanket the Sky had on the ground

He then looked to the sky and proposed that if it would open it's womb

it would pierce it and spread it's blanket over the whole of the Earth

He told the Light that if it would show him where it was going and what's beyond, he would

show the Light how to pick it's own point and create it's own destiny

The three forces longed for something different so they easily agreed to the terms

He soon felt the Earth begin to release him

The sky began to loosen its folds

and upon piercing the Sky's blanket he was met with the light

But the light was moving so fast that it had little time for words.

He gave the light a pen and told it to stretch in front of itself and GO!

The light began to mark its path in SPACE.

Having been traveling since the beginning of it ALL it began to question if there was a destination at all. The urge to look back and SEE quickly crept over it

But it knew the moment it decided to look back it would surely lose its way

In that very moment it turned around and began to look at what it had done.

In that moment everything became still

The view was something the Light had never seen before

For the first time it was able to see itself.

But it was not happy

The Light then continued on its way and declared

"my purpose is to be the light"