One of my favorite brands to follow is the Loyalty Club, a really solid brand based out of New Orleans. If you haven't heard of them before peep their instagram @theloyaltyclub. It's really clean and tells a pretty complete story of their brand and texture withing a few scrolls. I think the thing that drew me in to their journey at first was their photography. Not sure who's photographing for them but they're always there catching the right moments. I'm assuming the guys behind the brand have been studying streetwear for some time. The way they organically sponsor and support artists like @theartistjade and @_bfreshh among others feels like how streetwear companies would use their platform to help build their friends into tastemakers. A move that I've always loved about the culture. They also create really good video content and are really consistent i'd love to see them branch out and create some more original ideas. It seems they have a lot of advantages to take advantage of a nice store, history in the city, lively characters, good cameras I don't it'd be anything for them capture a little more of their "perspective" of the city. But with that said they've got the lifestyle part of the brand dialed.

But being a New Orleans brand and coming out the gate with a beautiful storefront I understand there's certain things you just gotta do design wise. You gotta cover your bases first, a crawfish tee, Mardi Gras tee, pen and pixel tee etc... Not saying there's anything wrong with covering those bases but what you after you've done that is where I become a real fan. I do appreciate the way they did those projects tho especially the recent Mardi Gras Indian tee.

I feel they're at that point and I'm really hyped to see where that takes them. I'd hate for them to turn into a tourist tee shop but if that's they're goal i'm with it too. They're really talented and I'd love to see them win. At first look when I started following them like summer 2018 after being really impressed with their lifestyle presence surprisingly I wasn't really that into the gear. There were a bunch of nice pieces but they didn't really tell much of a story, and to sell an item where the only value is in the pricetag is really hard. But for the last year I've really enjoyed the drops and the way they've been rolling them out and creating moments like one of my favorites from them "The Homage" collection.

Overall i'm really excited to see how this brand grows. Definitely a good look for the culture here in New Orleans.

Peep them


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