One of my favorite artists to keep up with right now is Riley Teahan. I don't really know much about her but she's an artist living in New Orleans and her work is sick! The thing that drew me to her work initially is she's developed a style of communication thru visual art that uses the signs, symbols and colors that exist in everything around us. Sort of reworking and re-purposing the little messages that exist all around us but most of us don't have the eyes to catch. Her work to me sits in a space of moving still collages that shape and shift at every moment into endless possiblities. Kinda like that classic moment when the magician performs a trick and waves his hands in front of his face real quick in an effort to confuse the viewer and lead them right into the next trick. Her ig is one of my favs too. Filled with clever camera tricks that often leave me with the "why didn't I think of that" face and clips from her full videos HERE .

Riley is one of the artists that I was able to meet thru TALL TALE STUDIOS.. I was already pretty familiar with her work but then I was able to see how she creates a continuity of things showing the struggle between or connection of all things thru her videos. Which I'd watch and think to myself how the hell did she see that... connect those dots." Upon meeting her I could tell that at just about every moment her eyes were finding the shapes within her subject and relating it to other things saved in her database and finding a way to piece them all together and tell a story or get across and idea. Can't wait to see more of how she's processing this time we are in.

Peep her latest work "what it feels like inside"


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