Updated: May 5

It's one thing to make a tee and it's another to make a t-shirt. It's like the saying "I'm a soul with a body not a body with a soul." Okay maybe that's a bit of a wild comparison but hear be out a bit. A tee is a short sleeve shirt with a design on it. It could be anything from an outline of a tree to a picture of a cartoon skateboarder doing a kick-flip or something. It's a shirt with something on it... pretty simple. But a t-shirt hits the senses a lil different, they tend to give you a fuller experience. Like it has a lil more of a purpose than just something for your chest. It's like a statement to the world or not. Just something fun and light.

Tiaj of the New Orleans rap group New World Slaughta, you know the one who on stage wears his locs like a Grim Reaper cloak--just did that with the release of @Heinous504. He made something really satisfying right out the gate. It's a big pet peeve of mine when brands drop and their first piece is an online script font with their name or a logo flip that just replaces the name of a popular logo with theirs. I mean it was cool 10 years ago. But you gotta let us know who you are and what you're about before we can want a t-shirt from you.

When he first to told me he had some stuff to send me i really had no idea what direction he'd go with the first drop. I'm such a fan of the art of making product and a good roll out I didn't even begin to speculate, I wanted to give it a truly genuine reaction.

But when I opened the email everything felt great.. the colors the layout, the lighting-- everything was just good. It felt like I'd just watched someone score a touchdown or something. Somehow he's managed to take something that's been pretty popular in streetwear in the last year, the smiley face, all his own. The Al-qaeda tee is bang ya over the head joint for sure. I love off placements on t-shirts and the awkward spacing/sizing between Al-qaeda and the cop scratches that itch for me. Can't wait to see more.