Politics x REEBOK x Humidity COLLAB

Picture this you’re a kid into skateboarding and you see your favorite skateboarder blasted in photos like this. You immediately go “I wanna look like that!”

But not too long ago internet shopping didn’t exist (hell.. at this point we barely had the internet) so getting the gear to look like your favorite skateboarder was a hunt pre. Before I ever knew what a skateshop was I thought you were supposed to get your “skate shoes“ from Walmart, you know the ones with the skateboarder on the box. Which the kids at school quickly let me know wasn’t the move. The day I wore those Walmart shoes to school was 8 hours me getting roasted, still stings to think about it. Lol. So I had to figure it out... how can I copy the Drake Jones or Chico Brenes white shoe effect without getting ribbed by everybody at school. So I tried everything from all white K-Swiss, Adidas etc.. The Puma Clyde came close but the Reebok Club-C did the trick. The shape was dope and I could always find the all white joints.

Fast forward a few years im pushing around North Baton Rouge in a hot and beat Honda Civic trynna put a lil fit together(prolly to go to the movies) and I pick up the Reebok Work Out lo or “Souljas“ for the first time. I immediately thought “why hadn’t I skated these before?” pIus they matched my tee. I can honestly say I hadn’t had that feeling picking up a shoe since then. The way the icey white patent leather meets the gum sole hits like nothing else. The shape, materials and comfort felt like a perfect match for me. Plus I had never seen anyone skate them so it felt like “my thing”.

The patent leather would chip immediately but I could deal with that. I used to get them from a spot 2 for $80 and I had a lil job so I could pull it off. Eventually I started working for Humidity and wearing the Souljas a lot. Soon they began introducing Reebok into the store. They’d pretty much only carry the Club C and whatever Workout Plus Reebok was pushing at the time, but never the classic Workout-lo, this bothered me a lot but no one really seemed to care. It would burn me not to tell customers to go to any clothing store in the hood and get the ones right next to the Girbauds with the straps. But things we‘re going pretty well with the Reebok account so I decided not to burst anyone’s bubble, plus it made the work-out lo still feel like “my thing” so I let it go.

So when the Reebok x Politics x Humidity collab Work-Out lo project came about was really excited. It felt really good to have my work part of Reebok‘s marketing and promo. Easily one of my favorite projects I’ve been a part of, even tho they wouldn’t let me in the release party. Lol


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