Serious question:Why do white people hate black people so much?

So I hear this question a lot and I ask myself the same... “why are black folk hated so much”. It could be a number of things. We could be in the process of being manipulated for our very potent energy or maybe we’re being used as a distraction like we have countless of times before. But The only thing I can come up with that makes sense across the board is that non black folk just don’t know who we really are and how we really feel so they don’t see us as human. If only they(those in opposition of black people) knew the real beauty they’d have to be complete, evil which I beleive some of them are to hate a people like us. Of course we have black entertainment that gives them a very small window into our texture but it ends up really reducing our feelings and who we are into an interest and a topic of conversation. Something that they can read about, comment and tune out of their reality when their done with it. Not knowing that when they close that book or turn off that t.v. there is an entire world of complexities they don’t have to think of or be concerned with. I’ve come to realize that I was under the assumption that because they’ve been exposed to us and our culture that they understood. That sounds really simple but it’s easy to assume that they understand the paranoia that comes with us just being US. Walking down the street, entering a store asking for directions can produce a high level of anxiety, frustration and second guessing yourself that shouldn’t come with just existing. Even those who are great allies don’t and can’t know because it isn’t their experience. Just like we can’t fully grasp theirs. They don’t know the rich history that goes back to the beginning of time itself. That if we were taught our-story it may remove them from the pedestal they put themselves on. Even tho we’ve never been that type of people to hold anyone down. All the knowledge we’ve ever acquired we’ve shared with the world. It’s wild to think that the people who brought this planet science, art, mathematics, magic etc.. are hated so much. I remember being in middle school and learning how history has repeatedly tried to wipe BLACKNESS from his-story. Looking back now that was the moment I lost interest in school. How could you expect me to subscribe to a system that consistently acts like I don’t exist?.. and only introduces people who look like me into world history when it comes to slavery. No wonder there’s so many kids who “check out” of the education system. They don’t show them anything within themselves to be proud of. Luckily I found hip hop around this time to give me a lil guidance and pointed me in the direction of my answers. Killah Priest has a line where he says “once it’s time to head back use your food for thought to leave breadtracks”.

The same folk who left us countless monuments, artwork, technology, magical formulas etc.. as tools to get us out of any mess, blood runs thru our veins today. I beleive that in order for us to progress higher than the heights they set for us they knew that at some point we would “hit rock bottom”.

Creators keep CREATING! We need your magic in this world!


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